Business Review: No one puts on a move quite like Action Transfer & Storage

Photos courtesy Bill Haberthur
Photos courtesy Bill Haberthur

If you’ve ever moved from one home to another, you remember it all too well: it was a pretty damn stressful experience. In fact, some psychologists have said moving is the second most stressful thing a person or family will go through in a lifetime.

But the thing is — moving doesn’t really have to be a stressful time, especially if your moving company is Action Transfer and Storage, which is co-owned by former Kearny resident Bill Haberthur and his partner, Thomas Romero.

That’s because in addition to doing this for more than 40 years, Haberthur and his crew have one thing in mind when they move families from one home to the next: making the experience 100% stress free.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, first consider Action has been in business since 1975.

“There really aren’t a lot of good-quality movers out there,” Haberthur said. “There are too many little start-ups that can’t get the job done. We are collectively in business — with my 40 years and my partner’s 30 years — 70 years in the business. And all of our staff are professionals and they’re trained.

“We give the same great care to every single one of our customers.”

But just how is the stress taken removed from the process?

It’s easy, Haberthur says.

“I’ve heard so many nightmares about moves over the years,” Haberthur said. “So many companies will lowball their clients at first, and then hold them hostage when the final bill comes after the move is complete. We never do that. Ever. We value our reputation, and we do everything we can to find savings for our clients. From concept to completion, we take away the stress by being transparent and actually make moving an enjoyable experience. How do we do that? “

We treat everyone we move like family. When people are done being moved by us, they often write or call to say they really did feel like family the way we treated them. And it’s why we always get great referrals from our past customers.”

Haberthur says that by being up-front and transparent with estimates, it makes the moving process much easier, too.

“Not too long ago, we moved a $360,000 piece of artwork for a client,” he said. “We were, as always, very honest with the customer, and we try, always, to be fair with our estimates and evaluation. That’s how we built our reputation — by being honest and fair from the start. That doesn’t happen often in this kind of business.”

Apparently, it really doesn’t.

Haberthur says often times, people hire nightmarish moving companies that aren’t licensed and/or insured with the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs. He says these kinds of companies will lie, say they’re really insured and licensed, but when push comes to shove, they won’t be able to deliver like Action can.

In addition to the move itself, Haberthur makes things easier by proving rolls of tape and wardrobes free of charge. That comes in extremely handy, especially when the moves are big. The company can provide a move that starts with helping to pack all the way through to the actual move.

And location doesn’t matter — Haberthur and Action can move you from anywhere in Jersey to anywhere in the country. They can even arrange moves across the pond, too. They do residential and commercial moves, moves to and from storage — and even move new furniture as needed.

“And what I love is when I hear: ‘Billy, you did in one day what someone else would have taken two or more days to do,’” he said. “That’s because we’re in the business of getting the job done, getting it done efficiently and doing it the right way every time.”

Perhaps that’s why he’s moved some high-profile people, too.

“I’ve moved U.S. senators, federal judges, you name it,” Haberthur said. “But no matter who it is we’re moving, you’re family. If you’re famous or not famous, everyone gets the same special family-style treatment. That truly sets us apart from the rest.”

Thinking of moving or know someone who might be? Does this company sound appealing? Contact Action Transfer and Storage by calling 844-228-4662 or by logging on to

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