To the Editor: 

Every morning and night, I ride my skateboard to and from the PATH station to get to work and back. Because of the noise of my skateboard, I’ve had many occurrences with the dogs Ron Leir wrote about in the June 24 issue, from them barking at me from the window to flying out the front door to the fence and even jumping over the gate and chasing me down the street.

Not one time have I ever felt threatened by these dogs and I’ve been bitten by numerous other dogs in the past. Whenever I got chased on my skateboard by these dogs, I would stop, yell at the them to go back to the house and the dogs would listen to my command and go back to the house.

I understand these dogs were a nuisance and escaped from their owner’s home, but they are harmless hunting dogs that would never attack a person. I also understand that these dogs have no right to kill kittens, but it’s also just their nature to go after other wild animals — they are hunting dogs and they are bred to go after other animals.

Giving the owner a fine is one thing, but putting a dog down (killing) is wrong. The town also has to realize that a one-block radius is overrun by homeless cats. I have nothing against cats because I am also a cat lover, but just like these dogs, the cats are also a nuisance. Killing animals is not going to solve problems. I hope the town can figure out other ways to solve the problem with all these beautiful animals on Maple Street.

Bobby Crawford 


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