KPD: Truck was weapon, fuel was vodka

KPD Michael Jatczyszyn
Michael Jatczyszyn

Shortly before 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 1, Officer Jay Ward was directing traffic in a work zone at Schuyler and Laurel Aves. when he reported seeing a 2002 Chevy pick-up: 1) Run a stop sign. 2) Disregard the traffic cones. 3) Make a sharp turn and hit a parked car on Laurel. 4) Begin to leave the scene.

Ward signaled the driver to stop and, displaying good instincts, also called for backup.

When instructed to turn off the engine, police said, driver Michael Jatczyszyn, 41, of Kearny, put the truck in gear, cut the wheel toward Ward and accelerated, hitting the officer with the side of the vehicle. Ward, who was not injured, reached in, put it in park and grabbed the keys. A struggle reportedly ensued and, as back-up arrived, he wrestled Jatczyszyn from the vehicle.

Police said Jatczynszyn had trouble standing. They also said that a bottle of vodka fell out of the pick-up.

The driver was arrested and taken to headquarters where he reportedly: 1) Refused an Alcotest. 2) Tried to damage the cellblock camera. 3) Urinated into the cellblock hallway.

Jatczyszyn was charged with: 1) DWI. 2) Eluding a police officer. 3) Aggravated assault on a police officer. 4) Possession of a weapon — the truck — for an unlawful purpose. 5) Criminal mischief. 6) Driving with a suspended license. 7) Having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle.

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Other recent reports from the Kearny police blotter included the following:

Aug. 28 

Based on “numerous complaints,” police responded at 10 p.m. to an Afton St. tavern where Sgt. Dave Rakowski needed assistance to deal with disorderly persons inside and out. A number of people, police said, appeared to be under age. While checking the establishment’s licenses and talking to staff, Rakowski also questioned patron Jarrett Russo, 27, of Clifton, who was reportedly found to have two outstanding warrants, from Mahwah and Pequannock. He was arrested and those municipalities were notified.

A routine ABC inspection was conducted and the information was passed on to the ABC for a compliance follow-up.

Aug. 31 

Officer Jason Rodrigues was called to the 500 block of Forest St. at 11 a.m. on a report of a dispute. There, he encountered Maureen Welfl, 57, of Kearny, who allegedly began yelling profanities, refused to cease and desist and had to be forced to the ground in order so she could be cuffed for a disorderly conduct arrest. Eventually subdued, she was also charged with resisting arrest.

Sept. 1 

At 2 p.m., Officers Tim Castle and Leroy Bibbs were called to Walmart, where security said that a man was in the vestibule soliciting customers, offering to pay for their purchases with his credit cards if they would give him the cash.

Confronted by the KPD, Tyler Cole, 20, of Jersey City, was reportedly found to be in possession of a Visa card, two Bank of America cards and a New York I.D. card — all in his name. However, when the issuers were contacted, the cards were found to be fraudulent, police said.

In a search incident to arrest, the officers found a set of keys belonging to a 2011 BMW. When asked about these, Cole responded that he was glad they found the keys “because the car had been left running in the lot and would they please take care of it,” Chief John Dowie noted. They did; it was impounded, and Cole was charged with using stolen/fraudulent credit cards and having an unregistered/ uninsured vehicle.

– Karen Zautyk 

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