To the editor: 

This is in response to Ron Leir’s Oct. 7 story: “‘Cookie Factory’ now apt. complex.”

I grew up in Harrison with many fond memories. When the Century Cookie Co. moved to town from the Bronx in 1975, I applied for and received an office job there. This was one of the best positions of my business career. My co-workers were all such lovely people. The smell of fresh-baked cookies was a daily occurrence, with three huge ovens producing new batches every day.

I was employed with Century for 10 years and then it was bought by Boca Foods. I stayed with Boca for another three years. My sales manager, Ivor (Ivy) Summer, played on the first string with St. John’s basketball team back in his heyday. Years ago, 1950s I think, Life magazine did a full spread on Ivy and his team. He had the Life issue and showed me the article. He has since passed away. He also gave me away at my wedding in 1981.

Harrison has many icons, and Century Cookies will always be one of them. I’m now living in Belleville for 33 years . . . but Harrison will always be near and dear to my heart!

Kathy Mackie, 


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