Purloined pooch found as investigation continues


The talk of this town last week was the 12-week-old puppy reported stolen from a local pet shop. Media — social and mass — were abuzz, with the primary concern being for the safety of the pooch. But all’s well.

Brownie is back, safe and sound. But the investigation is continuing.

The saga began at 4:30 p.m. last Tuesday, Feb. 23, when the owner of Oh My Dog, 351 Kearny Ave., reported that the pup, a purebred Shiba Inu valued at $1,200, was missing from a window-case display. According to Kearny police, the suspect was possibly a juvenile female who apparently acted while the proprietor’s attention was diverted.  In a story aired on News 12 N.J., the girl was described as wearing the Kearny High School uniform — red shirt and tan slacks.

For two days, there was no word on Brownie’s whereabouts Then, shortly before 10 p.m. Thursday, KPD headquarters received a call from Rite Aid on Kearny Ave. that employees there had just found the dog. They reportedly recognized it from the description circulated online and on TV.

How did Brownie end up there? Apparently the puppy had been at the nearby Quick Chek just prior to its appearance at the pharmacy. The report was that two female customers at Quick Chek had seen the pup “at large” at the store.

One of them then gave the dog to her boyfriend, who suspected that it might be the missing animal and who brought it to Rite Aid, which contacted the cops.

[Editor’s note: Yes, we are as confused as you are.]

Officer Jason Rodrigues responded to the pharmacy, and Oh My Dog was contacted. Police said the pet store owner identified and was reunited with Brownie, who is now back at the shop. Police also said there was no evidence the dog had been mistreated or unsheltered during the time it was missing.

KPD detectives have been on this case from the beginning and are continuing to investigate, including reviewing security tapes and interviewing the girls who had been at Quick Chek.

Considering the reported value of the dog, the original dognapper could face grand larceny charges.

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