4 charged as deli-nquents   


In the Dec. 28 edition of The Observer, the headline on the KPD blotter read, “You can run but you can’t hide.” It was a warning to four young males sought in connection with the robbery of a local deli. Last week, they were arrested.

On the afternoon of Sunday, Dec. 18, the teens reportedly entered the store at Davis and Garfield Aves.

Police said one of the quartet, wearing a ski mask, grabbed the cash register money tray and fled on foot, chased up Garfield by the proprietor. Unable to catch the thief, the shopkeeper returned to the deli and found the other three youths also gone. Police canvassed the area and found the register tray on Forest St., with $27 still in it.

Det. Michael Farinola conducted the follow-up investigation and, with the help of witnesses, in-store video and residential security video from some good citizens, was able to identify the four suspects, all from Kearny.

Police said the eldest, 16, was the one who took the tray. After being contacted by the cops, he turned himself in on Jan. 10 and was charged with theft.

The following day, his alleged cohorts – two aged 15; one, 14 – surrendered and were charged with conspiracy to commit theft.

All four were released to the custody of their parents. Hudson County Juvenile authorities were to decide if the case would be heard on the county level or be sent back to Kearny for adjudication.

– Karen Zautyk


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