Robbery suspect at large


Police are seeking a gunman who, they say, robbed a local service station early Sunday.

According to the HPD, officers responded to the Speedway Gas Station on Passaic Ave., at 2:11 a.m., on a report of a robbery.

Upon arrival, the attendant told police a vehicle entered the station and pulled up to the pumps closest to the convenience store facing south.

The driver got out, brandishing a black handgun, and accosted the attendant, went through his pockets and took $315, the attendant told police. The bandit was last seen driving over the Bridge St. Bridge into Newark, police said.

Police said a witness described the vehicle as a silver Dodge Intrepid with a partial N.J. registration of N73–. The robber was listed as black, weighing around 300 pounds, wearing blue jeans and a black jacket and carrying what appeared to be a 9-mm handgun, the witness told police.

The witness also mentioned there was a passenger in the vehicle but could provide no further information about that individual.

Another vehicle, with two occupants, was at the station at the time of the crime but police said they had no involvement in the robbery.

Police said they later learned from Union PD that a Dodge Intrepid with N.J. registration had been reported stolen a half-hour prior to the Harrison incident.

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