Delayed report, quick arrests


KEARNY – It apparently took a local robbery victim nine hours to notify police of the crime, but once the KPD was alerted last week, the suspects were in cuffs in what you might call near-record time, authorities reported.

Police said that, at about 8 a.m., Monday, April 24, Officer Alan Stickno was flagged down on the 200 block of Davis Ave. by a 23-year-old Kearny man who said that he had been threatened by a trio of robbers at 11 p.m. the previous night. According to the police report, the victim said someone had banged on his apartment door and, when he opened it, he was confronted by three males who demanded money.

Police said one of the three was wielding a long metal pipe, and another pulled up his shirt to reveal the handle of a black handgun in his waistband. Their target said he slammed the door shut and then heard them running through and out of the building.

Investigating officer Det. John Fabula interviewed the victim and canvassed the building and quickly developed as suspects two Kearny males: Christopher Ochoa, 20, and Pedro Rodrigues, 19. The third member of the group was believed to be a juvenile.

Fabula drew arrest warrants on Ochoa and Rodrigues and patrol units were alerted that the two were wanted. By mid-morning, the KPD got a call about individuals trespassing on the old railroad tracks near Johnston and Passaic Aves. – trespassers who were the two men being sought. They were taken into custody by Kearny police.

Rodrigues and Ochoa were both charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

Additionally, Ochoa was booked for robbery, possession of a handgun and possession of the gun for unlawful purposes.

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