As Mother’s Day nears … 

At about 10:10 a.m. on Monday, April 24,  Kearny police received a call about an apparently impaired motorist in the vicinity of a local school. Officer Jordenson Jean responded to the area and found a 40-year-old Kearny woman pulled over in a 2011 Mazda.

Police said she was  dropping off a 6-year-old child at the school.

While interviewing the driver, Jean reportedly detected the odor of alcohol. He was joined by back-up Sgt. Joseph Vulcano and Officer Rich Poplaski, field sobriety tests were conducted, and the woman was arrested. She was subsequently evaluated by a KPD drug recognition expert, who believed her to be under the influence of a combination of alcohol and drugs, police said.

Police said a search incident to arrest revealed the woman to be in possession of:

  • One wax fold of suspected heroin, stamped “Traffic”;
  • Five empty vials with suspected cocaine residue;
  • Three hypodermic needles;
  • Two empty 200 ml. bottles [those are the tiny kind] of Majorska vodka,  and
  • 35 empty wax folds stamped with “brand names” including “Golden Boy,” “Apple,” “Tropicana,” “Sweet Butter” and “Most Evil.”

The woman was charged with: possession of heroin, of drug paraphernalia and of hypodermic needles; driving while intoxicated; DWI with a minor in a MV; having an open container of alcohol in a MV, and possession of a CDS in a MV.

The N.J. Department of Child Protective Services was contacted.

[Editor’s note: The Observer has withheld the name of the suspect and the school not to protect her identity but rather that of her child.]

– Karen Zautyk


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