Dave Moran shares story of delivering The Observer in 1963…

As more than a casual reader of your publication, I found myself wanting, no, needing, to drop you a line to wish The Observer a truly happy birthday! You see, The Observer has in its own way had a significant influence on my life.

To use the current vernacular, “back in the day,” when I was a sixth-grader at Schuyler School, circa 1963, I proudly announced to my teacher, Miss Mathatone, that I applied for a job as a “paperboy” with The Observer and to my surprise, I was hired. Imagine, the great sum of $6.50 was to be my weekly wage and I couldn’t have been happier. Miss Mathatone, giving the sage advice that only a sixth-grade teacher could, quickly imparted, “What the job may be, do it well or not at all.” I listened carefully and those words stuck.

So each Thursday, after school, you’d find me toting the bundle of papers found on the driveway of our Chestnut Street home — and my task of folding the papers (now a lost art I am sure) and securing them with a rubber band would commence. After loading them in my wagon, I would proceed on my assigned route, seeing that each paper made its way to its proper destination.

Of course, I became the butt of jokes of my friends for performing such a menial task. However, that $6.50 that I faithfully saved each week was adding up and took a big bite out of that good-natured ribbing.

So I look back all these years later with fond memories of my first job which gave me direction, purpose and rules that I have followed all my life. I am so fortunate to have been raised by such great parents in a wonderful town like Kearny. I am truly grateful.

Again, Happy 132nd birthday and I wish you many, many more. Finally, you have my sincerest thank you for the important service that you have performed for our hometown over all these years.

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