Gov. Murphy, your future employment and legacy is on the line … so close the Keegan now!

To the Editor:


RE: the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority’s (NJSEA) and the ongoing battle to close the Keegan Landfill — it seems quite evident to me that for the NJSEA, this is more a battle to protect their revenue than anything else.


I get the impression that the main source of revenue the NJSEA is responsible for should be sporting events and expos. If they were concentrating on doing their primary responsibility of booking sporting and other events, and doing them well, they would not have to rely on the Keegan Landfill cash cow to bolster their revenue and thus their reason for preserving and perhaps increasing their next fiscal year’s budget.


It is probably the root cause for Gov. Murphy dragging his feet on this issue. After all, $25 million is hard to walk away from even if it is justified for the safety and well-being of the state’s citizens.


Gov. Murphy, it comes down to a moral and ethical decision. Do you value the well being of the citizens who voted for you to lead New Jersey to greatness?


Or, is financial gain more important to you? You are sitting on an opportunity here that will have a direct effect on your future as well as ours. There are many ways you could make up for the revenue the Keegan Landfill generates, so look at the big picture.


Remember, it is not only your future employment as governor that is at stake here — it is your reputation and the legacy by which you will be remembered that will last much longer than a hazardous dumpsite issue that directly affects the health and well-being of the constituency that had the faith in you and procured your current status and position.


Governor, please do the right thing for us and yourself — close the Keegan Landfill now.


Jack Satter

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