Inmate at Essex County Jail tests positive for COVID-19, spokesman says

The Essex County administration and Essex County Correctional Facility leadership were notified Sunday, March 22, that an Essex County inmate residing in Delaney Hall, Newark, has tested positive for and is exhibiting symptoms of  COVID-19, Essex County Spokesman Anthony Puglisi said in a statement.

According to Puglisi, the inmate has been isolated from the general population at Delaney Hall and is responding well to the treatment being provided to him by its medical staff. In addition, all staff who had come into contact with the inmate were notified and the seven inmates who were housed in the same dorm with the one inmate have been quarantined at the facility.

None have exhibited any symptoms of the virus at present.

Essex Corrections staff are taking necessary precautions to ensure the Essex County Correctional Facility is not impacted by the virus, Puglisi said.

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