LETTER — Rose: This Republican is stunned by Sweeney’s defeat in the Senate

To the Editor:

More shocking to me than the slim margin of votes the incumbent Gov. Philip D. Murphy defeated Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli for governor was the defeat of state Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney.

As a conservative Republican living in the bluest of blue states, I thought Sen. Sweeney was our only hope to stop the political madness in New Jersey, and I was resigned to vote for him were he able to wrest the nomination away from Gov. Murphy.

Sweeney proved he could work with Republicans, and, in particular, with Gov. Christopher Christie in their attempts to reign in the public service unions, and on other tax issues. This led the unions to spend $4.5 million in a failed attempt to defeat him in 2017.

In Murphy’s first two years in office, Sweeney challenged him on his many missteps; however, for
the past two years he did a complete about face.

For Sweeney to be beaten by Edward Durr, who had no political experience, name recognition, money and an almost non-existent campaign staff boggles the mind.

Granted I don’t speak often to those who live in the more affluent towns in Bergen county, but those in this area are fed up, and see their standard of living being destroyed by elected Democrats at every level of government.

Hence, the defeat of the second most powerful Democrat in the state of New Jersey.

Armand Rose
North Arlington


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Armand Rose is a North Arlington resident and frequent contributor to The Observer's opinion page.