Rose: How I spent my summer — killing lantern flies

A lantern fly on The Observer building in August 2021 Observer file photo

To the Editor:

On July 17, I wrote a letter expressing concern about the numerous amount of lantern flies — 80 I had killed on my property. In it I also expressed the concerns of three of my neighbors who said the flies were eating the plants in their gardens and were all over their decks and screen doors.

Since then I have read that they have invaded several towns and beaches.

The State Department of Agriculture doesn’t seem to think they are a threat to crops in New Jersey and tells us they thrive and multiply on trees. However, of the 11 houses on my block, not one has a tree on
their property.

Since my July 17 letter, I have killed an additional 300 with a flyswatter bringing the total
to 380. Having witnessed the increase in infestation from last year, I can assure you they will be coming
to your block in the future.

The government agency that is telling us to relax, our crops are not endangered, is part of the same system that told us Covid was not a problem, and didn’t realize there was a baby formula shortage until the shelves were bare.

So yes I’m concerned.

Armand Rose
North Arlington

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Armand Rose is a North Arlington resident and frequent contributor to The Observer's opinion page.