Kearny PD: Wife replaces husband at Hudson County Jail … but likely in a different cell

On Nov. 25 at 9 a.m., Officers Alan Stickno, Kevin Carvalho and Sgt. Joe Vulcano were dispatched to a private residence on an allegation of a domestic violence restraining-order violation. They arrived to find a 29-year-old Kearny man who was restrained from the residence by a judge’s order, except to exchange custody of his child with his wife.

However, it was alleged the defendant showed up hours earlier than the scheduled exchange, without the child, and attempted to view the wife’s phone to see if she has been talking to other men.

Officers arrested the man without incident on a charge of contempt. He was placed into the county jail — but not for very long, it seems.

Thats because on Nov. 26 at 6:28 p.m., the same man, now released from the county, appeared at police headquarters. He reported he, too, had a domestic violence restraining order against his wife. He alleged on Nov. 23, his wife violated the order by calling and texting him several times and friend-requesting him on Instagram.

Officers contacted the wife, who came to police headquarters with their child, so she could turn the custody over to her husband and take his place in the county jail.

She too was charged with contempt.


On Nov. 24 at 5:49 p.m., Dets. Dave Bush and Mike Andrews observed a man acting suspiciously at Kearny Avenue and Patterson Street. They surveilled the man who then walked down Patterson and got into the passenger seat of an idling Saab 9-3 with illegally tinted windows that was parked blocking a driveway.

The detectives walked up to the Saab and shined their flashlights inside to see the man, Giovane Rodrigues, 44, of Kearny, in the passenger seat allegedly holding a bag of cocaine. The detectives removed Rodrigues and driver Endy A. Sime, 38, of Perth Amboy, from the car.

While retrieving the cocaine, the detectives found a can with a false bottom in the driver’s side door panel. Twenty-seven clear plastic bags of cocaine were concealed inside the fake can. Next to the can, the detectives also found an envelope containing $520.

They found a second false-bottom can inside the glove box.

Rodrigues was charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia and later released.

Sime was charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia, intent to distribute over a half-ounce of cocaine, intent to distribute in a school zone, possession of drugs in a vehicle, illegally tinted windows and parking blocking a driveway.

He was remanded to the Hudson County Jail in South Kearny.


On Nov. 24 at 6:41 p.m., Officer Paul Duran and Sgt. Angelo Palagano located a 27-year-old Kearny man seated in his vehicle at Seeley Avenue and Morgan Place, who was wanted on a domestic violence-related arrest warrant issued earlier that day.

The defendant’s wife appeared earlier at police headquarters and filed a report that the defendant had put a butter knife to her neck Nov. 23 while she was cleaning their apartment. Later the same day, she alleged the defendant jabbed a dinner knife toward her abdomen while she was making dinner. The victim dodged the knife and was not hurt.

The defendant, whose name is withheld to protect the identity of the victim, was charged with aggravated assault and weapons-possession offenses. He was held at the county jail.


On Nov. 30 at 8:01 p.m., Officer Michael Ore was dispatched to Wawa on Harrison Avenue where Lavinia D. Curry, 33, of Vauxhall (Newark), reported she left her Audi running in the parking lot and someone had stolen it.

Curry allegedly told police she had been storing a Beretta .40 caliber handgun in the trunk of her car for about a month and the gun was stolen with the Audi.

After consultation with the county prosecutor’s office, police charged Curry with unlawful possession of a weapon.

She was remanded to the Hudson County Jail.


On Dec. 2, Newark police notified the Kearny PD they recovered Curry’s stolen handgun in the course of arresting two people. Further information about the Newark arrest was not available. The whereabouts of the Audi remains a mystery.


On Dec. 1 at 7:35 p.m., Officers Bryan San Martin and Pedro Pina responded to a private residence on a domestic dispute call. As the officers were arriving, a 44-year-old North Arlington man fled on foot through a yard and into the night.

The officers spoke to a 55-year-old resident who reported the fleeing man was her boyfriend. When she and other residents refused to give the boyfriend money to buy alcohol and cigarettes, he allegedly punched several holes in the drywall, kicked and broke a storm door and threw and broke a coffee maker.

The victim refused to avail herself of any further police intervention at that time, wishing to instead sleep on the matter.


A few hours later, at 10:42 p.m., Officer San Martin was called back to the same home on a report the man returned. Officer San Martin arrived to see the guy loudly banging on the front door and shouting. The officer yelled at the man to stop and not move, but instead, the bloke allegedly ran down the front steps and through an alley to the yard, where he vaulted a fence.

This time, Officer San Martin pursued him on foot, also vaulted the fence and arrested the defendant in an adjacent yard.

Officers charged the man with criminal mischief before transferring him to the Hudson County Jail.


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