KPD: Dispute over iPads leads to burglary & robbery charges for duo

On May 3 at 2:24 p.m., Officers Ryan Stickno, Mat Lopez, Pedro Pina and Sgt. Pat Becker were dispatched to a multi-family home where a dispute was allegedly happening. An adult resident reported that Steven A. McGirr, 31, of Kearny, entered her apartment twice without permission over a dispute about iPads.

During the second entry, he was allegedly accompanied by Megan J. McGirr, 30, of Kearny, and during this episode a physical struggle occurred. The resident alleged Megan McGirr bit her hand causing bleeding and temporary loss of feeling in a thumb. The McGirrs then reportedly left, taking two cellular phones, two iPads and a Nest security camera and monitor with them.

Det. Jordenson Jean investigated further leading to the issuance of warrants for the arrests of both McGirrs. Steven McGirr was charged burglary (third degree), robbery and conspiracy to commit burglary. Megan McGirr was charged with burglary (second degree), robbery and conspiracy to commit burglary.

At 8:37 p.m. several officers located the McGirrs at their home and arrested them. Both were later transferred to the Hudson County jail.

On April 29 just before midnight, Officer Sean Kelly and several backup officers were dispatched to a multifamily home on a report of a dispute. Officers had just left this home (and visit it often for various reasons) after handling a complaint of a stolen cellular phone. Now, an adult female resident alleged an adult male cohabitant had just struck her with his hands.

The victim also displayed an arm bruise to officers she claimed the man had inflicted on her three days earlier while dragging her up a flight of stairs. Officers arrested the assailant on a charge of simple assault. He was later moved to the Hudson County jail.

On April 30 at 8:56 a.m., Officers Kelly, Mina Ekladious, John Donovan and Sgt. Jay Ward were dispatched to Endeavor House on Bergen Avenue for a report of a man throwing items and causing a disturbance.

There, officers encountered Rahim S. Horne, 42, of Passaic, who was allegedly asked to leave the facility several times but refused. When, after several requests to leave, Horne reportedly sat down in refusal, he was arrested for defiant trespass.

Horne was also wanted on a Teaneck Municipal Court warrant for a local offense, carrying a $250 bail. Teaneck authorities later released Horne on his own recognizance with a new court date. Thereafter, he was released from custody with a summons.

On May 4 at 9:52 a.m., Sgt. Ward and Officer Jason Rodrigues responded to ShopRite where a dispute was brewing. Upon arrival, the officers learned two store employees were in an adjacent parking lot with a man they accused of shoplifting. The employees were searching for a female whom they also accused of shoplifting.

The employees alleged the male, Christian Vasile, 44, of Kearny, had placed $662.73 worth of merchandise into a bag and walked out of the store with the items, but without paying. Officers arrested Vasile. Incident to arrest they seized from him a glass pipe commonly used to smoke crack cocaine and an assortment of tools.

Vasile was charged with shoplifting, possession of burglary tools and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was later sent to the county jail. The female was not located.

On May 4 at 12:59 p.m., Officers Chris Medina, Andre Fernandes, Ellesse Ogando and Sgts. Ward and Phil Finch responded to a report of a dispute at a private home where the police are frequently guests. Officer Medina arrived to see the front door of the house open and to hear yelling coming from within.

Officers entered the home and were told by residents a man and woman, who did not live there, had come inside the residence without permission. They claimed the male entrant barged into a resident’s bedroom screaming threats and throwing things.

Further investigation suggested the man, Greg A. Golomb, 49, of North Arlington, and woman, Michelle, Sciscilo, 60, of Secaucus, allegedly came to the house at the request of Carolyn A. Craig, 56, of Kearny, who, two hours earlier, was served with a court order barring her from the location.

Police arrested Golomb and Sciscilo for burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and harassment. Golomb was later released with a summons, but Sciscilo was held at the Hudson County jail.

At 3 p.m., Officer Esteban Gonzalez and Sgt. Ward found Craig at a Kearny Avenue gas station. She was charged with contempt and then held at the county jail.


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