EDITORIAL — Aries: Not here, no way, no how, no matter what

Call this a preventative editorial.

Aries, of Franklin, Tennessee, take note.

No matter what you say, no matter what benefits there could be, no matter how many jobs you might create for this community, Kearny does not want you under any circumstances whatsoever. We say this not to be mean, but to be realistic. 

There’s no way you could have done an iota of research about Kearny before now, because if you did, you would have stopped in your tracks. You would have learned that for decades, we were dumped upon — quite literally (and figuratively) by private companies and government agencies.

You would know that just two years ago, we fought against and beat the state to close down a dangerous landfill.

You would know we’ve had our share of industry that belongs anywhere but here.

You would also know that when our backs are against the proverbial wall, our people come out fighting until we get what we deserve.

And right now, just a few days before the first meeting by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection where the agency is going to introduce you to us, we already know we do not want you.

Many of us have spent lifetimes dealing with garbage dumps, chemical plants with masked smells and so much more. And we do not want human crap being delivered here to our town under any scenario.

So before this “meeting,” which, by the way, comes with about as little notice as was possible, on behalf of a town of about 41,000 people — let this message be loud and let it be clear — we do not want you here. We do not want your jobs. We do not want your crap (again, figuratively and literally.)

We want one thing and one thing only — for your company to pick someplace else to build a plant. 

If you don’t believe us, get ready for the fight of a lifetime. If you think Newark gave you a headache, you haven’t yet met Alberto G. Santos, or Cristina Montague, or this newspaper, or so many others here.

But, if you are ready to take us on, may we suggest an investment first — in Excedrin Migraine? 

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Kevin A. Canessa Jr. is the editor of and broadcaster at The Observer, a place where he has served on and off since 2006. He is responsible for the editorial content of the newspaper and website, the production of the e-Newspaper, writing several stories per week (including the weekly editorial), conducting live broadcasts on Facebook Live, including a weekly recap of the news — and much more behind the scenes. Between 2006 and 2008, he introduced the newspaper to its first-ever blog — which included podcasts, audio and video. Originally from Jersey City, Kevin lived in Kearny until 2004, lived in Port St. Lucie. Florida, for four years until February 2016 and in March of that year, he moved back to West Hudson to return to The Observer full time. Click Here to send Kevin an email.