Johnston Ave. crash zone

Photo by Milagros Herrera/Man driving stolen Jeep jumped curb at Johnston Ave. and Devon St., abandoning his ride

By Karen Zautyk

Do you believe that things happen in threes? If so, you might want to avoid Johnston Ave. for a bit.
In the wee hours of Thursday, June 23 – 1:35 a.m., to be precise – a Belleville teenager, reportedly driving a stolen car, crashed the vehicle into a light pole and a wall at Johnston and Lincoln Aves., one block up from Passaic Ave., as he allegedly attempted to elude police.
In the wee hours of Friday, June 24 – 3:21 a.m., to be precise – the residents of 154 Johnston Ave., at the corner of Devon St., were rudely awakened when another stolen car crashed into their stoop, effectively demolishing it.
The first driver was apprehended. The second fled on foot,  but the Kearny PD is on the case.
In the first incident, East Newark Police Chief Kenneth Sheehan said, one of his officers stopped the driver of a 1998 Toyota Corolla for a seatbelt violation on Passaic Ave., but as the cop approached the vehicle, the driver took off, turning right onto Johnston. Where he promptly slammed into the pole and wall.

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