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To the Publisher:
I am writing this letter in total disgust.
Like many of you, I live on a tight budget, so tight at the end of the month, I don’t meet my obligations. On the morning of July 8, 2011, I was driving down Kearny Avenue when a man stepped out into a crosswalk. And I got stopped like many others that morning and got a $200 ticket for not stopping – clearly a trap by the Kearny Police Department.
I find the entrapment insulting to the people of Kearny. If our police department has nothing more to do than give the hard-working people of Kearny tickets that were clearly set-up, then, maybe they need to concentrate more on the honest side of ticketing, like wrongfully overnight parking, double-parking, meter parking, etc. But to set ridiculous traps is just the bottom of the barrel for police work.
Just maybe our police department is over-staffed – time to cut the fat and stop picking on the good citizens of Kearny.

Anthony Zullo

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