Near the End

Lisa Pezzolla/


By Lisa Pezzolla

We are coming close to the end of accepting donations for Kentucky Care.
We have extended the closing of the truck to Sept. 29 and that will be the last day to accept any further donations. Please do not leave any boxes or bags under the truck after the closing date.
This year, Kentucky folks are in much need of furniture so if you have large items, please contact me directly at 201-991-1600, ext. 13, to arrange for pick-up.
If you miss our deadline, then call local churches in your community and find out if they are collecting for flood victims or you can bring items to the Salvation Army at 443 Chestnut St., Kearny.
Once again, thank you for reading The Observer and for all your help and generosity. This year has been a tremendous turnout, compared to donations in past years.  Your caring will bring many smiles to those in need.
God bless you all.

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