Belleville resident hopes to save lives with new invention


Images by Invention Resource Art/ Silveria’s potentially life-saving device used for children and pets.


By Anthony J. Machcinski

Thirty to forty children die each year after parents forget their child, or leave their child unattended in cars while they make quick stops. Even the creation of several laws that carry jail time for parents who leave their children in cars hasn’t been able to curb their deaths each year.
Belleville inventor Orlando Silveria hopes he can remedy that trend.
“I first got the idea when I was on vacation in Brazil and I saw the news about a mother who lost her son after she forgot him in the car,” explained Silveria, a Belleville resident who has spent the last 18 years working as a construction worker. “The temperature outside that day was about 92 degrees.”
The aptly named Forget Me Not! is an alarm device that can be attached to a child’s safety seat or to a pet’s collar. It reminds the parent or caretaker that the child or pet is still in the car.
The alarm works in conjunction with a sensor that the adult can put on a key ring. The alarm will sound when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off.
Silveria is optimistic that his device will help reduce the number of deaths caused each year from heat exhaustion.
“I think the invention will have success because it’s a safe protector and can save many lives,” explained Silveria.
Currently, the product is going through the early stages of the patent process. To learn more about Forget Me Not!, check out the website at

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