Gunny makes it to Bethesda


Moments from Gunnery Sgt. Jim Dacey’s run from North Carolina to Maryland.


By Anthony J. Machcinski

Last week, The Observer wrote about Gunnery Sgt. Jim Dacey, who was in the process of running 345 miles from Camp LeJeune, N.C. to Bethesda Md.
On Friday afternoon, Dacey finished his run, arriving in Bethesda at the entrance to the National Naval Medical Center. It was here that Dacey experienced the true goal of his run. On Veterans Day, Dacey was able to meet with several injured soldiers and some of their families.
On the final day of his run, Dacey ran 13.29 miles, according to the Garmin GPS he was wearing during the run. Even on the 21st day of the run, Dacey was still able to keep an impressive pace of 9:14 minute mile average. During an early part of that day’s run, he clocked a 5:26 minute mile..
Throughout  his 345-mile journey, Dacey has been successful in his main goal, raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. So far, Dacey has raised $17,380 for the cause, which supports wounded soldiers and their families.
As of Sunday morning, Dacey made it back to Camp LeJeune with his dog Isti. According to his Facebook entry, Dacey plans to do a lot of relaxing, including watching football and possibly cutting the lawn.
For those still interested in contributing to the cause, the website is still accepting donations. To donate, view the webpage at

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