Message for the Soul: The happiness hunt

You have got to find what you love. Happiness is the single most important emotion that can make your life beautiful. Happiness is a state of mind. A happy mind is a healthy mind. If a hobby, business opportunity or a professional job, doesn’t work for you, you need not get disheartened; try another and if that doesn’t work either, then try yet another. There are only two things that are possible with any choice you make. Either it makes you happy or it doesn’t and in the process of looking for one that brings you contentment, you will at least learn about all the things that you dislike. There is a reason behind every action or choice you make. Don’t shy away from it. You made the choice, so somewhere you probably knew that, that was the best for you. So don’t quit midway. Go for the ultimate joy. Don’t compromise. There are also alternative techniques in feng-shui and vaastu shastra that you can use to your advantage in matters of contentment and peace of mind. These mainly involve the location, direction and placement of the bed that you sleep on, or the place or desk on which you conduct your professional business and also your surroundings. One tip that most people felt worked wonders for them is to make sure that you have at least one green plant in your bedroom, which you can look at while you lie on your bed. Green plants invite calm and clarity in our lives. Also it is important not to face a blank wall from where you sit at work. If that is so, then I suggest you have a poster or a picture of a flying falcon on your desk or if possible on the wall opposite you. This will encourage your spirits to soar and to look at your problems from a bird’s eye view which in turn will help you battle your daily chores with ease. And one other tip that many in India believe in, is to keep a lemon with a few green chilies and a small piece of magnet wrapped in plain white paper at your desk at work. This is to invite prosperity and success and help to ward off the bad vibes that you may be surrounded with. Happiness can come in many forms. For some it may be their finances: for a few, it may be the well-being of their family, while as for others, it is probably their own self development and achievements. Whatever may your need be — from a simple hobby to perhaps changing the world — it is all possible when you go after your desire to be content. Hunt down the things that bring you happiness. The journey may not always be pleasant but know that the storm and the rain play an equally important part as the sun to help form a rainbow. Good luck.


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