Trees to please & kudos to library staff

As we soon end spring and head towards the summer — and hopefully better weather — it’s nice to see Lyndhurst, like other towns, take an initiative to beautify the town. It’s easy to take it for granted, but focusing on the beauty of the township really can impress the viewer. Former Mayor Richard DiLascio said on May 31 that residents simply need to look around town to see all the changes going on, and he couldn’t be more right.

Part of those changes include the replacement of pear trees (see page 1) around Lyndhurst. Plans call for shedding the pears in favor of a variety of trees that promise to offer safer and sturdier canopies of greenery for many residents. Our area has always maintained its beauty, whether it was over-the-top Christmas decorations or simply having a couple plants between the sidewalk and the curb,

• I also wanted to take a minute to thank Josh Humphrey and Joan Hart of the Kearny Library for their help with researching my story last week (‘Chronicling The Observer’s History’ – May 30).

With their help, I was able to find a treasure trove of information for the article and even more that I didn’t have space to include.Whether it was previous editions of the paper from the ‘30s or old business documents from town, The Kearny Library had anything I needed.

I would suggest that residents consider taking a trip to the Kearny Museum located on the library’s second floor. What caught my attention, in particular, were two large aerial photos of the town from the 1960s.

– Anthony J. Machcinski

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