Dear Editor,

We are writing to respond to the statements and accusations made by four of our fellow school board members. These members make claims of “concerns” falling on deaf ears, personal agendas being moved by the majority of the board, and a lack of information sharing. We find these claims ridiculous and without merit.

All board members have the opportunity to participate in the decision making process, but they must attend committee and regular meetings to do so. Those complaining have refused to sit on certain committees because they “don’t like” other committee members, resigned from committees over disagreements, or simply refused to come to meetings. In one case, a member of the finance committee has not attended one meeting in the last 16 months, yet he complains he is not part of the decision making process.

These members have boycotted special meetings where we interviewed candidates for Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, and then complain about and attack the candidates chosen. They claim this is the most important decision the board will make, yet they refuse to participate in the process. Worse yet, they complain and point the accusatory finger at everyone else.

We have welcomed input from every board member and understand that we won’t all agree on issues. Discussion and debate are healthy. Personal attacks and personal agendas are not. Lack of participation is not acceptable. These same board members claim to want a unified board, yet through their words and actions, they are the ones drawing the dividing line.

Over the last 16 months we have made a number of accomplishments for the School District. We would rather focus on these than on the political agendas of others. We have had zero tax increases in the last two budgets while still moving the district forward. We have increased educational programs and staffing levels, negotiated fair contracts with our Unions, improved technology and still achieved a budget surplus of $1.9 million. We are committed to moving forward in spite of the political attacks. We are here to do what is right for our schools, community and tax payers, not what is right for the greedy few.

George King

Paul Cateslli

Robert O’Malley

John Leadbeater

John Plaugic

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