Potholes will be fixed soon, mayor vows

Now that it’s spring, Mayor Joseph Bianchi is asking local property owners to think ahead about sprucing up the community as the weather turns warmer.

“North Arlington is a beautiful community with well-maintained homes on our residential streets. The harsh winter has left properties which need to be cleaned up, minor damages repaired and lawns and yards needing attention,” Bianchi said.

“If everyone attends to their properties, the community will once again be pretty and attractive to us, our neighbors and those who visit,” the mayor added.

Bianchi asked residents to keep trash receptacles in rear yards and to avoid placing them curbside for collection before the appointed time.

Meanwhile, the mayor said the borough’s Public Works Department is preparing to fix the many potholes on local streets with newly purchased repair equipment.

Looking ahead to next winter, Bianchi said he plans an extensive review of all municipal codes relating to snow, with proper clearing of sidewalks and hydrants and making the community safe during bad weather a big priority.

“Dealing with snow and ice on roadways is a difficult and complex challenge,” Bianchi said. “Our DPW does an excellent job under very difficult circumstances. However, we could always do better. If local ordinances need to be changed in connection with parking, emergency roads and other matters in order to enable our staff to do better dealing with snow, I will be asking the Borough Council to consider that.”

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