Tanelli: With your faith in me for another term, I will continue to fight for NA and Lyndhurst

Tanelli at podium last month in North Arlington. Observer file photo

I want to thank everyone who exercised their right to vote Nov. 2 and for their continued support that allows me to represent them on the Bergen County Board of Commissioners. I am humbled to have emerged from the election with highest vote total from North Arlington of any county-wide candidate on the ballot.

I am extremely proud of the work we have done on the board since I left the North Arlington Council in January 2013. Among our accomplishment are the ability to deliver multiple, $0-tax increase budgets, battling the Covid-19 pandemic and increasing transparency of county government by live-streaming our meetings and moving them out of Hackensack so more people can attend them.

During my tenure on the county board, we re-aligned the county police into the sheriff’s department, eliminated duplicate police services while improving public safety and saving taxpayers $200 million.

We have also focused on eliminating duplicative government, and now have shared-service agreements in place with all 70 municipalities in the county, which results in real tax-dollar saving for all taxpayers.

Having championed the first-ever Bergen County Parks masterplan, I’m excited about the complete transformation of Riverside County Park on River Road. I look forward to the new park enhancements and additional outdoor activities they will offer South Bergen residents for years to come.

As a voting member of the Open Space Board, I championed every open space fund request presented to the board by North Arlington and Lyndhurst and was able to help secure $444,847 in Open Space grant money for North Arlington and $301,806 for Lyndhurst — thus giving taxpayers a sizable return on their county tax dollar.

Some of the projects that were funded by the Open Space Trust fund include, North Arlington:  James Zadroga Memorial Soccer Field synthetic turf; Daniel Morris and Columbus Park improvements; Fisher Field: new playground, landscaping, walkway, fencing, lighting, courts and furniture. Lyndhurst: Gutheil Park: new playground structures, bench seating and rubberized flooring, Town Hall Park Accessible Playground: Playground equipment.

In my next (new) term, I look forward to serving all the people of Bergen County, while paying special attention to the needs of South Bergen.

Again, I want to thank you for your support. If you have questions about the services that county government offers to you or your family, please call my office.

Commission Chairman Steven A. Tanelli
North Arlington


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Steven A. Tanelli | Bergen County commissioner | former NA councilman