Applause Radio Show returns, is giving away tix to NJPAC events

As you read this, you have probably already noticed the sun’s up longer and you have already pushed your clocks ahead an hour. Spring forward my friends.

As the season change approaches and with spring arriving March 20, you may ask, where has Applause Radio Show (ARS) been? Well, we were on a short hiatus.

It may not exactly be warm, but we’re back and with that comes enjoying nicer and soon-to-be warmer weather. For me, that means getting out more and particularly, having fun attending events in the area, in hopes of bringing you great entertainment and news.

ARS has kicked off with a bang.  Our first guest, Jen Maxfield from NBC NY Channel 4 News, has her first book out, “More After the Break.”  

In it, she returns to 10 of what she calls unforgettable new stories.  

Have you ever watched the news and wondered what ever happened to that individual/family who just went through a horrific event Maxfield covered? 

You can find it all in her book as she revisits survivors. Most stories are uplifting and full of resilience and seem to have Jersey flare.  

And they are stories you have likely seen on the news — and perhaps even remember.

Other upcoming guests include “Eddie Munster.”

Butch Patrick, of “The Munsters,” was to appear on the show on March 12.  You can always listen back by going to  I hope to share recap our conversation with him in an upcoming edition of The Observer.

You can also check out our calendar at to see the times and dates of upcoming guests in March, such as blues band Savoy Brown, actor Keith Coogan from “Adventures in Babysitting,” Joey Dee from Joey Dee and the Starliters (Peppermint Twist,) Kenny Vance from Jay and the Americans and Cynthia Wiltshire from Musique, of “Push, Push in the Bush” fame.  

We’re hoping to bring you an array of guests that you want to hear.

Additionally, not only am I going to be getting out and about and enjoying more fun in the sun, but so will you. Our partners will be giving away free tickets in the coming months to NJPAC, Newark.

There are some great shows and events coming up and if you would like to go, all you have to do is listen and call in to win free tickets. 

No contests, no gimmicks, just call in when we’re live and you can win tickets.  

I’ll be covering a Freestyle show in April and Jon Anderson from 

Yes in April as well. There are still tickets available for Frankie Valli.  

I’m also be attending an announcement about “pop up” festivals in New Jersey.  Gov. Philip D. Murphy himself will be making the announcement and I’ll be sure to share it with you here and on ARS.

ARS is additionally giving away tickets to one of many events at NJPAC from March 17-19 as it celebrates the writing of novelist and Newark native Philip Roth. Throughout these dates will be a panoply of stars who will perform Roth’s readings.  The tickets we’ll be giving away will be for the reading of “The Plot Against America,” Roth’s fictional book, on March 19.  

The reading will be by actors Cynthia Nixon, Tony Shaloub, Sam Waterston and others. 

Check out for more details.

Happy listening and ARS is looking forward to giving away tickets to great events and offering the best guests in entertainment.

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JoAnn Barton | Special to The Observer

Jo-Ann Barton is a singer/songwriter and musician for the past 25+ years who contributes entertainment-related stories to The Observer. Her last CD, 'POP and CIRCUMSTANCES,' spawned a number one hit song at college radio stations throughout the United States, including Hawaii, in 2001. She is the host of the Applause Radio Show, a platform JoAnn brings to an ever-growing audience tuning into listen to their favorite celebrities.