Mayor’s Message — Immigrants are not going to be housed on Newark-Jersey City Tpk.: Doyle

I read early this week on social media that the Diamond Head Oil Refinery in town was going to house trailers with immigrants. This is simply not true — the site is a Superfund site in need of remediation.

The EPA did clear over 20 acres of land from the Newark-Jersey City Turnpike to Route 280 to prepare for cleanup two weeks ago.

The land is zoned for industrial and commercial use only and is owned by the Town of Kearny.

So, in essence, a resident stated the Town of Kearny, the Mayor and Council, approved trailers to set up camp for immigrants when he saw three of them on the property. The trailers house daily workers monitoring the cleanup — and serve no other purpose.

At the Town Council meeting April 2, I had Town Attorney Jim Bruno explain in detail what was happening to the property.  Thanks to The Observer for going live with Jim’s explanation.

Let me assure you — from me to you — if anything of this nature should ever happen, know the message will come from me, your Mayor, along with the Town Council.

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Carol Jean Doyle | Mayor of Kearny