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Top Photo: KPD

Bottom Photo by Karen Zautyk

With our ‘Then’ pictures, it is often difficult to determine what year they were taken. That’s not the case this week. We have not only a year (1936), but also an exact date (Aug. 11) and even a time of day (2:25 p.m.). We even know the identity of the photographer: Kearny Police Sgt. George Carlisle. That’s because this photo is part of a KPD murder file. 

The victim, Theodore Zetterlund, owned that butcher shop/grocery on the northeast corner of Davis Ave. and Tappan St. and was killed there Dec. 7, 1935, during a botched robbery. He and his wife, Kathryn, had lived in the apartment above the store. 

Today, the site is occupied by the Schuyler Savings Bank, but the building to the right, on the south side of Tappan, remains. 

For more on the Zetterlund story, and the recent, fascinating turn of events, see p. 1

– Karen Zautyk 

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