Franklin School Kearny names January Students of the Month

Yvonne Cali, principal of Franklin School in Kearny, announces the January Students of the Month, who were chosen based on the month’s mantra, “Feedback Is A Gift — Accept It.”

Sophia Reyes, Jacob Aparicio, Zarah Acevedo, Madison Carrasco, Diana Carrera Castro, Daniel Ribeiro, Romina Gomez Alvarado, Alejandro Valdivia Sabalvarro, Breezy Roca, Kyle Paterson, Breezy Roca, Jayleen Vega, Isaac Kopp, Cassandra Criado, Isabella Matias, Penelope Alves, Brianna Caceda, Emma Polanco, Cecilia Fernandes, Carolina Paz, Bryant Cirelli, Ariel Juarez, Thiago Paucar Hernandez, Katalina Ortega, Jazleen Cedeno, Zuleyka Salas, Emily Tom, Alina Jimenez, Maria Emilia Gutierrez Merizalde, Kalel Izquierdo, Daria Kupiszewska, Helen Marcela Escobar, Adrian Espinoza, Hector Almeida, Austin Toledo, Arwen Sanchez-Colorado, Lucas Zanandrea, Brianna Radu, Logan Valderrama, Charlotte Dos Santos, Jake Perez, Rodrigo Amarante, Youssef Istafanos, Isabelly Ribeiro De Paulo, Leland Costello, Kenneth Buffit, Ruby Padilla, Vani Sharma, Mia Ramos, Gabriel Paucar, Raul Hernandez, Kyle Paterson, Liam Desai Nolasco, Gabriela Tantalean, Benjamin Silva Martinez, Jae Silva, Emma Sabados, Kenneth Abraham Ruiz and Kamila Criollo.

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