Revisiting The Observer’s long-standing policy on covering local elections & publishing letters from candidates

Lisa Feorenzo

It has long been the policy of this newspaper not to print letters that are written by candidates  during election season. 

That means we do not print letters of endorsement, letters that praise one candidate over another, letters that criticize anyone running for office or, in more simple terms, letters that contain any matters that would normally be found on campaign literature, campaign or personal social media pages, campaign websites, message discussion boards, discussions among friends or campaign mailings or fence drops.

It is our policy to extend the courtesy of one video interview per candidate for any town’s race for mayor. However, because of time restraints and the sheer number of potential candidates in the towns we cover, we simply cannot and have never offered the same option to those running for town councils or commissions.

Therefore, candidates or members of the public who wish to endorse, praise, criticize, etc., anyone running for office or anything that would be considered political (not governmental) may do so by soliciting a paid campaign advertisement under New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission guidelines.

Additionally, comments made on our social media pages that are of a similar nature will also be deleted at my discretion. 

The Observer has never, nor will it ever, take a political stance on any party. This policy has been in place at The Observer since at least 1972 when Anthony Tortoreti, my stepfather first purchased the newspaper.

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Lisa M. Feorenzo | Co-owner