KPD: Just 50 feet from where fraudster got caught, woman attempted to steal BMW from lot, despite massive police presence

Well, you may recall we had a story of a man who was reported to have jumped out a window, got really banged up and then was arrested on a slew of fraud charges on Dec. 4? (Remember, he was also involved in a bunch of cases in New York City? — click here just in case.) Well, get this — as all of this was going down, in the same parking lot, at around 6:50 a.m., police got a call from a witness who told them they were watching a woman trying to steal a BMW.

Luckily for the caller, and whomever’s car it was, a large presence of police was 50 just yards away conducting that aforementioned investigation/arrest. Officer Ellesse Ogando and other officers arrived to encountered the woman, later ID’d as Domanique Cuerreri, 31, of Matawan, still standing next to the very same BMW the caller advised of.

Police say the woman’s story didn’t add up and a check revealed a Keyport warrant for $1,500 and a Newark warrant also for $1,500. A search incident to arrest yielded the following three wax folds commonly used to store heroin stamped Blue Cheese, a small clear vial containing suspected crack/cocaine, a glass pipe commonly used to ingest CDS with residue and an empty clear vial.

At KPD HQ, Cuerreri was charged with possession of controlled dangerous substances, and possession of drug paraphernalia. And, wouldn’t you know it, the Keyport PD took the journey up the Parkway to the Turnpike and took custody of Cuerreri.

The attempted vehicle theft is being investigated using security cameras, etc., to determine if charges are appropriate.

A Newark woman finds herself in trouble with the law after police nabbed her following a theft at Wawa and after she is alleged to have spit at and cut an officer with a fingernail, causing him to bleed, Det. Sgt. Michal Gontarczuk, the Kearny Police Department’s public-information officer said.

On Nov. 10, shortly before 1 a.m., Officer Ryan Wilson responded to Wawa after woman allegedly stole a gas attendant’s bag, wallet and other personal belongings, then fled the scene. This was all captured on security camera and the Wawa provided footage to Officer Wilson, who broadcast a description of the woman’s vehicle.

Officer Travis Witt later observed the vehicle on the 200 block of Schuyler Avenue and initiated a stop. The Victim was taken to the scene and identified as the alleged the thief.

Belongings were recovered and returned to victim.

Lurzime Sakir, 42, of Newark, was arrested and charged with burglary, theft of moveable property, credit card theft, possession of CDS, possession of drug paraphernalia a weapons offense. The additional charges stem from a search that recovered drug paraphernalia, crack cocaine, IDs and credit cards not belonging to her, pepper spray, a phone which did not belong to her and other items.

She was charged and asked to go to hospital.  Officers had to take her for medical clearance. While there, she spit on one of the officers and used her fingernail to injure said officer, breaking skin and causing bleeding. Additional charges of throwing bodily fluid and aggravated assault were added.

Once returned from the hospital to HQ, she had to complete the booking procedure; however, she refused to be digitally fingerprinted and so she caught yet another charge — refusal to submit to finger printing.

And, surprisingly, she was then taken to the Hudson County Jail afterward.

On Nov. 10, Officer Mat Lopez, patrolling in the area of Passaic Avenue and Belgrove Drive, says he observed a male on a black moped/motorcycle driving recklessly. It bore no registration since many motorcyclists refuse to register and/or insure their motorcycles, knowing they may simply elude police, who generally can’t chase them.

Officer Lopez attempted to pull the bike over and it took off at a high rate of speed. However, moments later, the rider crashed in the area of 200 Passaic Avenue.

Officer Lopez took the above into custody. The male was injured and was treated by EMS.

The juvenile, 17, of Irvington, was later charged with eluding and he was issued traffic summonses for driving unlicensed, unregistered, etc.

On Nov. 12, at 4:22 a.m., Officer Anthony Oliveira was patrolling near Chestnut and Boyd streets when he heard a loud crashing sound. Turning the corner, he observed a vehicle that struck a whole row of parked vehicles. He encountered the driver, Fray E. Ruiz De La Cruz, 41, of Newark, who he says exhibited signs of impairment — and who later performed poorly on field tests.

He was arrested and charged with drunken driving, and later refused to provide breath sample. Unfortunately for all of the good people whose vehicles were struck, Ruiz De La Cruz did not have insurance for his vehicle (so good luck getting the damage paid for).

And despite all of this, he was later released to responsible party.

On Nov. 13, Sgt. Sean Kelly Officers Bryan San Martin and Tom Collins encountered a vehicle at Highland Avenue and Halstead streets, where they found Sergio Froilan Sabando Villavicencio, 43 of Kearny, allegedly asleep at the wheel. It took the officers some time to raze Villavicencio and when they did, they say he performed poorly on field tests. He also refused to submit to an Alco test. His vehicle was impounded and he was charged with driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol, reckless driving, delaying traffic, double parking and refusal to submit — and then he was released.

On Nov. 24, Officer Thomas Collins was on patrol near Quincy and Schuyler avenues when he observed an overturned vehicle and immediately requested KFD and EMS.  He was able to guide the driver, Jhon J. Bayer Varela, 53, of Kearny, out. The drive allegedly exhibited signs of impairment, which may explain the rollover. Verela was charged with DWI, reckless driving and failure to possess insurance — a hauler turned the vehicle rightside up — and then he was released on his own recognizance to a responsible friend.

On Dec. 4, at 2:35 a.m., Officer Kevin Matos reportedly encountered Alejandro D. Cabrera-Quispe, 33, of Kearny, asleep at the wheel at Kearny and Bennett avenues. Matos says he observed the vehicle completely stopped for a full cycle of the green traffic signal.

Officer Matos reached into the vehicle and turned off the engine before trying valiantly to wake the driver, but it took some time. Quispe finally woke from his slumber and arose from his sleep after a somewhat painful sternum rub, which often does the trick. But, after getting him to come to, Quispe reportedly immediately fell back asleep.

After these efforts continued, officers finally extracted and handcuffed Quispe and they say they detected a strong alcohol odor from the slumberer. Since he was so out of it, police say Quispe couldn’t come close to performing field-sobriety tests as he kept on mumbling.

Quispe was arrested, charged with DWI, driving on suspended license, unregistered MV and reckless driving and then was sent on his merry way.

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