KPD: 5 teens, a few believed to be loosely gang-affiliated, savagely beat teenage couple on Kearny Ave.

One may recall a group of juveniles who were recently arrested after a robbery, multiple aggravated assaults involving knives and quite a few other incidents in which they violently assaulted other juveniles, typically heavily outnumbering them and where, their social media pages displayed handguns, stolen cars and narcotics activity.

Well, it turns out despite first-degree charges such as armed robbery and repeated arrests for other violent acts, these five were never incarcerated. Police say some of these juveniles loosely classify themselves into two West Hudson area “gangs,” the Back Street Killers (BSK) or the Cash Out Boys.

And, after a short period of time during which they were less active in their societal contributions, they are back at it again, with more arrests.

On Jan. 3, between 4 and 5 p.m., the five malcontents — three from Kearny and one each from East Newark and Harrison — aged between 14 and 16, confronted a juvenile couple walking on Kearny Avenue. The couple attempted to flee; however, they were attacked viciously. At least three of the five are confirmed to be in the Venn Diagram of a gang (BSK/COB).

One of the actors, a girl, reportedly assaulted a female victim, while the four other male actors beat the boy unconscious, then dragged him across a street as they continued to beat him.

A cell phone was stolen from the couple, after which the juvenile actors fled.

Both victims were taken to hospital where the girl was diagnosed with a broken nose, swollen black and blue eyes and other injuries and the boy sustained serious injuries, necessitating reconstructive surgery to bones in his face and medical intervention to his eyes and other body parts.

Det. Alan Stickno was the primary investigatory in this case and was assisted by Det. Dave Bush. The investigation was frustrated by the consequences imposed by the BSK/COB gang members for speaking with police. One witness actually told Det. Stickno she has seen the results of cooperating with authorities and it resulted her acquaintance being jumped.

Ultimately, after some brave witness interviews and a review of many cameras, all five actors were identified and arrested, charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy and theft. While they were all transported to the Essex County Youth House, they will not be detained, police say. Even those with prior violent offenses. Nor is it likely their ultimate sentencing for this case will be anything of significant consequence.

Police tell The Observer juveniles often know they can commit repeated violent actions and effectively face no consequences. Things like home detention are a joke, too, as the juveniles are aware there are no consequences for violating it or their probations.

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Det. Sgt. Michal Gontarczuk | Kearny Police Department
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