Dolan: I’m grateful for story last week and had no idea it was coming

To the Editor:

I would like to clarify three things regarding the article in last week’s Observer about my 85th birthday (Jan. 15) and the Book Club.  First, I knew nothing about this article beforehand.  I was in shock when I heard of it on Tuesday evening, March 12, and shocked again when I saw its location in the paper the next day (on the front page.) Second, Jonathan Kelley is solely responsible for surprising me in such a wonderful way. My dear friend, Kevin Canessa, the author, did not interview me .. in fact, he never said a word about the article being published.  Third, the picture showing all that food … I did not make one item that week … my book clubbers told me, since it was my birthday, not to do a thing — they would bring “goodies”  and they did!

I say a heartfelt “thank you” to each of my fellow book clubbers. They made me feel so happy to know how they feel about me. I thought being the eldest, they “tolerated” me at best! We are now reading our 61st book! It has been a very interesting time in my life. Yes, I do like to read … I find one is never truly alone if one reads.  I love the saying “pity the man that cannot read, pity more the man that can — and doesn’t.”

Of course, I have more time to read than the rest of my clubbers — they are younger, raising little ones, working full time jobs or babysitting and one of our members is in three book clubs.

I encourage all of you to pick up a good book and you will understand. If you want to smile and chuckle as you read, I recommend any of Fannie Flagg’s books, primarily “Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven.” A former member, now deceased, Nat Amadeo, loved reading Fannie Flagg books; he called them “feel good” books and he read them slowly as to savor them. Nat is sorely missed.

Take his and my advice and you won’t be disappointed.

Jo-Ann Dolan

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