KPD: Hooded men who broke into occupied home while residents slept get caught on dead-end, ram police car & flee

It appears the Manor Section of Kearny may be the target of unscrupulous criminals who have a pretty firm grasp of the law. And it’s no longer a matter of things getting out of control — we’re already there and the hands of police officer are firmly tied thanks to the absurd guidelines being issued from the NJ Office of the Attorney General.

Here’s why say all this.

After 3 a.m., Thursday, June 6, Sgt. Mike Andrews was patrolling the Manor Section.

Unfortunately, police tell us this area has recently been subjected to burglaries and other criminal activity, including a recent attempted burglary where a family slept as burglars ransacked their home. Lovely isn’t it?

Now, Sgt. Andrews came across a vehicle being operated suspiciously, with the occupants hooded. Of course, given the temperatures were in the 70s, hoodies weren’t needed — unless, of course, they were being worn for untoward reasons — and they were, it appears.

Sgt. Andrews then decided to surveil the vehicle; however, upon noticing police, the vehicle took off at breakneck speeds, dangerously blasting through the residential neighborhood. Sgt. Andrews, suspecting criminal activity, may have been afoot prior to his interdiction, so he attempted to catch up to the vehicle.

The suspects, likely unfamiliar with the area, having probably never been here before, turned onto a dead-end street, leaving them no room to escape. As Sgt. Andrews turned down the same dead end street, he turned on his overhead lights and ordered them suspicious folks to stop.

But not to worry — most criminals are now keenly aware of the Attorney General’s guidelines on motor vehicle pursuits, which effectively allow criminals to simply drive away when ordered by police to stop. (See what we meant earlier now?)

So then Sgt. Andrews positioned his vehicle so as to block in the suspicious vehicle, but they quickly found an apparently ideal solution — the suspects simply rammed the police car out of the way, damaging both vehicles — and drove away.

Why stop, since a pursuit was not authorized by the restrictive guidelines?

So, the suspects were allowed to blissfully go on about their days, without repercussions of any sort — for now, at least.

During a subsequent investigation, it was discovered the suspects were operating a stolen vehicle (the one they rammed into a police car) and, before police interaction, they had been attempting to burglarize a home in the Manor by forcing entry through a home’s windows while the family slept inside. (Note: had any of this information been known to the police at the time of this interaction, the pursuit might not have been called off.)

Video revealed one of the three suspects was in possession of a crow bar. Two windows were found to be damaged, but luckily, the family was spared since no one was able to gain entry to the home.

We’re told Andrews was fortunately (somehow) not injured in the fracas.

Detectives continue to investigate.

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