EDITORIALS for June 23, 2021

Harrison Rec Center will be an area envy

Last week, Harrison Councilman Larry Bennett took The Observer on a tour of the town’s soon-to-be-renovated Recreation Center. While there is work to be done, once it is complete, it will become the area’s most coveted place for recreation. 

But it won’t just be for young people.

The place is designed for adults, too, who might need a place to work out. There will be plenty of new equipment for anyone 18 and older.

Recreation Chairman Larry Kelly has always done a tremendous job with his programs. That will continue once the center reopens.

Well more than a year after the place became a COVID-19 testing center, it will soon, again, be a place where the young and old may gather. And the town’s soccer, basketball and other programs will be back in full swing.

We take this time to commend Mayor James A. Fife, Bennett, Kelly and the town council for investing in this center — and making it a true destination. 

And, as usual, the greatest beneficiaries here are the taxpayers and residents of Harrison, who rarely, if ever, can legitimately complain their tax dollars aren’t wisely spent.

Clarifying a fallacy  from 2021 primary

There is a complete misnomer out there in the land of social media of late and it is that it wasn’t until this recent primary that Kearny residents discussed or began to care about “the issues.” 

Having followed the comings of goings of this town for ages, we’re pretty sure there has always been a discourse and discussion of the issues. 

And not just on social media, either. The only difference of late, however, is that there were a few newcomers — and people who disappeared for a while, only to resurface — added to the fray. 

So while there are some who might say this is all new and because of the primary, we’re confident the primary was responsible for heightening the discussions — definitely not creating them for the first time in nearly two decades. Then again, on social media, when does the truth seem to matter anyway?

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