In Harrison, it’s not just OK — it’s fun to read in the summer

What better way is there to kick off a summer of reading fun than a festival-like atmosphere with crafts, games, puzzles, dancing, snacks and more?

The Harrison School district hosted its annual “Summer Reading Program Kickoff” for kindergarten to fifth-graders and their families — to rousing success.

Students and their families say they were excited to rotate through various stations at this well-attended event, including read-alouds, story character puppet making, guided character drawing, movement to music activities and the ever-popular snack table. The Harrison Public Library even joined the event, promoting an interest in visiting the library, especially during summer months.

“The program’s goals are to help children maintain their reading skills over the summer while encouraging life-long positive reading habits,” Kennedy School Principal JoAnn Botch said. “And having our parents join in helps them play an active role in their child’s summer reading assignments.”

There will be follow-up, grade-level summer reading assignment lists students will bring to school when they return in September.

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Laura Comppen | Special to The Observer