Happiness is possible for anyone who seeks it, Belleville doc insists

Pratap C. Singhal, M.D.

A few years ago, we brought you a story about Dr. Pratap C. Singhal.

Singhal has been a GP in Belleville since 1981 and has also been an emergency room physician, at times, during those years at a few local hospitals.

He’s one of the most spiritual people we’ve ever met and a lot of his medical practice is revolves around stressing to others how important it is for all humans to be “happy.”

He’s written books on the subject, but he’s now offering a free, seven-part YouTube video series on how to achieve happiness. We’ll place the link at the end of the story. In the meantime, we recently sat down with Singhal to ask how he’s able to show others how easy it is to achieve happiness, even in a world where it may seem happiness is impossible.

We present our discussion with Singhal in Q&A format.


I have watched your seven videos on YouTube about happiness. You have stated you can bring all the joy and happiness in life that you ever can dream of in just seven minutes a day. Can you tell me something more about it and what is the basis of that?


Kevin, I mean what I say. You can bring all the joy and happiness in life by just investing seven minutes a day — day after day — in your life, irrespective of what you have or you don’t have. The reason being happiness is within us. The only thing required of every human being is to tap into these inner resources — that is the mind, the intelligence and the spirit. And I have shown how to do it in those seven videos; however, you have to invest seven minutes a day.

Privilege — you should know that happiness is a privilege of human life and no other entity on this planet has this privilege. Scripture — you should also know that of our scriptures tells us the same thing and that is enjoy (life) and be happy. Constitution — of course, you know that the Constitution of the country is also written for the happiness and well-being of all.

We all live for happiness — Not only this, you also know that we human beings do everything in life from morning to evening, 24 hours a day seven days a week, for happiness. Our own DNA has the basic root on happiness

Let me ask you … can you imagine a life without happiness? It would be all boring, sad and depressing. Maybe not worth living or loving.


Why are some people unhappy?


It is a great question. The fact is that unhappy people have gotten it all wrong. You know there are two aspects of life. External and internal. Unhappy people are looking for happiness in something external such as money, position, power, social status and even family. These are important, but their importance is limited to a small percentage say 10% to 15% and not more.

In this reference, let me quote one of the greatest priests, Charles Swindle, who has rightfully stated that what happened to you in your life amounts to only 10%. How you react to it is 90%. This is how he is stressing the importance of the internal elements or the self or within.


Can you tell me more? What do you mean by internal resources?


Yes, sure. Every human being has basically three internal resources namely our soul, our intelligence and the mind. They are the gold mine. You need to learn to tap into these resources. If you believe in recantation, you should know these resources go with you even in the next life and as such, this is the importance of these three eternal elements.


Can you tell me a little more about how this program works?


I have mentioned earlier that every human being has three metaphysical elements, namely the mind, intelligence and the soul. Let me explain to you how you can take advantage of these. Let us begin with the first one — the mind.

You know mind is a very powerful element. Minds run our lives. There is saying in India — “Man ke jeete jeet hai, man ke hare har.” In essence, it means life is the game of the mind. If you believe you can do something you will do it and do it successfully; however if you believe you cannot do it, then you will not even attempt to do.

In a nutshell, once you make up your mind for anything, you can almost guarantee that you would be able to do it. So, if you make up your mind to be happy, you would be happy. I have explained how to program your mind for happiness — in very easy steps.

Next, coming to the second most important metaphysical element that is the intelligence. Intelligence helps us to analyze each and everything in life. It can also help us to understand what things make us happy, what makes us sad.

This may look too simple, but as a matter of fact, a very average person does not have the understanding how to analyze what makes a person happy. And I have shown how to use your intelligence for this purpose.

Also, one needs to understand the values of contentment, expectations, gratitude, acceptance and so on — how these can have a big impact on your life.

I have also summarized the greatest secrets of happiness into — the law on nothingness, in my book. I forgot to mention this law of nothingness is not part of these videos.

Next coming to the third and the last and most important metaphysical element — that is the soul. It is the source of our internal power. That helps us to do everything and anything successfully. I have shown in this video series how to make this make the soul strong for your mission — as a matter of fact, for anything in life.

Most importantly it is important to understand that we are not flesh and bones, but a very special divine being, who has a great purpose in life. Human beings are also the only entity who can go higher and higher in growth and development in all aspects of life.

So, you can appreciate how these three elements can help you to bring all the joy happiness of life that you can dream of.

Editors note: Watch Dr. Pratap C. Singhals seven-part YouTube video series on achieving happiness by visiting www.youtube.com/@absolutehappiness8206. Be sure to subscribe to the videos to get updates when he posts new items.

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